EMERGENCY RESPONSE in the Municipality of SAGUIARAN, Province of Lanao del Sur

  • EFAP in partnership with Balay Mindanaw Group and Fellows of Bangsamoro Youth Leadership Program (BYLP)

Brief Profile of the Municipality

A fourth class municipality, Saguiaran is the gateway to Lanao del Sur Province of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. It is also a gateway to the only city in the province which is the Marawi City. It has no less than 24,000 population (2015 census). When the siege broke out, Saguiaran was the first town to be filled in with evacuees from Marawi who sought refuge among the communities, as it was the first town to be reached. It also the least to be reached by assistance.

Highlights of the Response

24 JUNE 2017

A total of 1,100 food packs were distributed last Saturday to the 923 families of home-based evacuees (and 66 local relief volunteers) in Barangays of Pawak, Comonal, Salucod and Dilimbayan.

Barangay (Village) No. of Families Volunteers
Pawak 491 40
Comonal 267 6
Salucod 85 11
Dilimbayan 80 3
6 (MSWD)

The process of distribution was done in coordination with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office of the Saguiaran and with the Barangay Captains of the four barangays. Each of the barangay had mobilized their own volunteers to assist Balay Mindanaw volunteers and MSWD in providing labor, logistical support and in the actual distribution. 

The content of each of the food packs includes:

  • 5 Kilos of rice
  • ½ kilo of monggo beans
  • 1 Kilo of brown sugar
  • 3 cans of tuna flakes in can
  • 1 dozen of coffee sticks
  • ½ dozen of milo packs

Prior to the distribution, Balay Mindanaw went to the barangays to talk to the Brgy Captains and some leaders of home-based evacuees.  It was also the way to validate the number of home based evacuees and to level off expectations with the Municipal and Barangay officials. Sugar and monggo, milo and coffee, apart from rice and sardines, are some of the most requested items.  

An additional 111 food packs were given to a local partner NGO in Lanao, KALIMUDAN, also serving evacuees in Sta. Elena in Iligan City and in Piagapo, Lanao del Sur.

Some Feedback: The IDPs were very thankful to receive food packs with important contents, like the white rice. It was their first time to receive 5 kilos of good quality rice that is not from National Food Authority.  They also fully appreciated the sugar, milo and tuna flakes.  In the last two distributions that they experienced with other agencies, the evacuees received NFA rice and sardines.  

The system of distribution suggested by the Team was followed. The barangay leaders and some IDPs shared that this system was a good one so far, compared to the previous agencies.

The PSS Team, with the Maranao volunteers, were very helpful in the distribution, especially in communicating with the IDPs while on line and during the name listing since they very well know and speak the language. 



Additional Intervention: Psycho Social Support Training and Activities

Acknowledging that the needs of the evacuees are not only food, Balay Mindanaw initiated a Psychosocial Support (PSS) Training last June 21-23 at Balay Mindanaw Peace Center. Twenty (20) Maranaos who were also among those who evacuated from Marawi, including the 8 fellows of BYLP, participated in the training.  As part of their practicum, they joined the Team from Balay Mindanaw last Saturday in going to Saguiaran. Before the actual distribution of food packs happened, the PSS team divided themselves into groups to focus on the children (both evacuees and non-evacuees) as well as some adults (while lining up for the relief).

The PSS Team accommodated children with ages from 4-15 years old. In age groups, they facilitated some games, drawing, coloring and singing among the children in the four barangays. A team of 4 PSS volunteers also accommodated adults in small informal discussions. And this intervention helped them lifted their hearts and minds, with persons able to talk to them, care for them by asking their situations, even just for a short time.

EFAP provided snack pack for the children, 500 energy bars and 500 cups of juice. EFAP also donated 150 small boxes of crayons which were used in the PSS activities for the children.


For Ground Soldiers

20 JUNE 2017

EFAP, in partnership with Team Energy Foundation, led by its Executive Director Mr. Ricky De Castro, organized a quick response to soldiers who are doing the actual combat in Marawi. This intervention aims to show support to the soldiers who have been in the battle zone and badly need basic support.  The wet wipes were specifically requested by some rangers as they do not have the time even to take a bath. The energy bar and drink will sustain them to fight hunger and fatigue in the battle field.

The team (Ayi and Ricky with 2 TEFI Staff) went to 2nd Mechanized Brigade in Iligan and handed over the items below:

  • 9,360 pieces of energy bar
  • 1,696 bottles of energy drink
  • 1000 packs of 100pcs of wet wipes

What to expect next?

Another round of Psychosocial support activities will be done by Balay Mindanaw as Team Energy Foundation committed to provide additional $3,000 to EFAP to cover more children and adults.

EFAP in partnership with Balay Mindanaw will receive $20,000 commitment from Peace and Equity Foundation (PEF).  This will cover food and hygiene kits for another 2000 families-evacuees starting July 2017.  

EFAP and Balay Mindanaw will do another round of consultations and field visit the identified area to ensure that the assistance is still relevant to the needs of the displaced families.