June 3

This morning, the 42 teachers of Dansalan College (a UCCP managed school in Marawi) were finally rescued and were transported immediately to Iligan City.  Our colleague from Balay Mindanaw who has relatives and close family friends among the 42 teachers decided to run to Iligan city to comfort and give assistance to the rescued teachers.

Balay Mindanaw then communicated with “Step” Ms. Stephanie Caragos, the current president of the NICP council who is always awaiting for updates and asking how can the ICT council of Cagayan de Oro City help in the Marawi incident. We were so happy that Step immediately responded and delivered goods to Balay Mindanaw. We delivered those goods  to the rescued teachers in Iligan!

Big thanks to Step!!  

To date, there are around 220 families and 42 rescued teachers who are recipients of  the donations initiated by the NICP and CDO-ICT through the efforts of the organization’s president herself, Ms. Stephanie Caragos.