May 29

Dear Everyone,

This is to update you regarding our initiative with regards to the marawi incident together with Ayala Foundation, Office of the Regional Governor of ARMM and EFAP.  

Yesterday morning, we facilitated the purchase of goods worth 250k in partnership with Team Energy Foundation (TEFI).  We were able to mobilize the CDO youth group and Balay Mindanaw staff to repack about 650 food packs consisting of 5kls of rice, halal can goods and noodles, milo and energen packs, a provision good for -23 days for a family of 5.  

We went back  to Iligan yesterday afternoon to meet the Brgy Captain of Tubod for home based distribution.  We were able to do ocular visit for 8 puroks that will target 600 home based evacuees.  This will be the first attempt for such kind of distribution because the usual is thru the formal evacuation centers.  Unfortunately, the Maranao culture avoids the evacuation centers, so this is a culture sensitive, relief distribution set-up. It is a little bit difficult in terms of logistics but I will update later what will transpire.  We wish to distribute this today but we are assessing the situation carefully because of the lockdown order for the whole province and Iligan is extremely tensed because of the real threat of bombing in the 5 barangays of the city. By the way, it will be the first distribution since war erupted in Marawi.

The goods are very limited but I am coordinating with Gov. Mujiv that our BYLP will be the main volunteers to to home based distribution.  ARMM prepared a lot of goods, so in the next few days, we will continue to mobilize our youth leaders.  

How can we help more?

Maybe we can mobilize some cash for  more goods logistics related costs. If we can spare some resources,  that will be of big help. We can use the EFAP account for the meantime.


it looks like this situation will last for two weeks as a conservative estimates.  The good thing is that, the military is now acknowledging that there are more fighters that they have to contend with.  The locals wanted the Maute to be totally out  of Marawi but they also lament about the aerial bombing which they think is too much.

till the next update…