Pray for Marawi and help every Maranao family

How can you be of help: Each maranao family needs food support and hygiene kit

Assistance Received
Targeted Amount $50,000
Families Helped

A Humanitarian APPEAL
from Eisenhower Fellows of the Philippines


As the battle in Marawi City continues its 65st day today, the number of casualties also continues to rise.

With the extension of Martial Law (as voted by the majority of the parliament), already there are 109 fatalities, as reported by the government’s Joint Task Force Marawi last Monday, July 24, 2017.

There is still ongoing firefight between the government troops and the IS inspired extremists. Hence, it is still not safe for residents to go back in the city. Retrieval of dead bodies both combatants and non-combatants are not easy to do given the situation. Many damages, especially in terms of properties are reported and monitored. However, assessment cannot take place properly due to the prevailing situation.

It looks like crisis is going stay in the next months, even if government forces says that these lawless elements are supposedly limited to a size of only a square kilometer in the commercial center of Marawi.

One thing has been very clear since day 1 of the crisis: the Maute group and their support group came very prepared with guns, bullets and food. They came very ready for a long and protracted violent encounter as reports from international agencies confirmed large sum of money from IS abroad is funding these local extremists.

The Humanitarian Situation

Below is an official summary of the number of evacuees as reported and released by the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Office of Civil Defense-National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC), last July 16, 2017.

Summary No. of ECs Families People
Evacuation Centre (EC) 87 4,970 26,991
Homebased (outside ECs) 97,788 438,701
Grand Total 102,758 465,692
Province Number of evacuation centre Inside evacuation centre Outside evacuation centre
 No. of families No. of people  No. of families No. of people
Lanao del Sur 52 2,197 13,625 42,813 201,635
Lanao del Norte 34 2,768 13,347 43,195 194,510
Misamis Oriental 1 5 19 7,605 22,156
Bukidnon 0 0 0 634 2,873
Other Provinces 0 0 0 3,541 17,527
Grand Total 87 4,970 26,991 97,788 438,701
Main Cities Number of evacuation centre Inside evacuation centre Outside evacuation centre
 No. of families No. of people  No. of families No. of people
Cagayan de Oro City 1 5 19 6,494 18,707
Cotobato City 0 0 0 1,017 5,085
Iligan City 5 809 3,916 26,623 117,774
Grand Total 6 814 3,935 34,134 141,566


In total, EFAP in partnership with Team Energy Foundation, Peace and Equity Foundation, Mr. Derek Chilvers, Mr. Hap Wagner, Balay Mindanaw Group and BYLP Fellows-Lanao Chapter and the Barangay Governments, have reached out to 2,776 home-based evacuees, 1,000 soldiers and 900 children. We have raised a total amount of $39,500 as modest yet meaningful collective intervention in response to the Marawi Crisis.

Send your payment for the relief/aide packs purchase payment via paypal or deposit directly to our Bank Account

  • Price: $10.00
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You May also send your cash donation directly to our bank account:

Account Name: The Eisenhower Fellows Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Peso Checking Acct #:  123370000916

US$ Savings Acct #: 123360000519
Name of Bank: Philippine National Bank

Bank Address: Ortigas Garnet Branch, 104 Taipan Bldg., Garnet St., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila


Eisenhower Fellows Association of the Philippines current distribution of relief/assistance goods to families affected by the Marawi seige.

Another round of Donation

Basing on the assessment of the Armed Forces of the Philippines that the crisis will be over by the end of July, we have are targeted then $50,000 worth of donations to generate. We thought this will be a good contribution in helping alleviate the misery of the displaced people of Marawi, majority of them are Maranao.

However, with the present intensity of fighting and as the AFP continues to suffer heavy casualties like what happened last Saturday, it seems like the war will not end very soon. The most conservative estimate is early or late September for this crisis to be over and the whole city will be safe for evacuees to go back.

It is for this reason that we want to appeal again for your generous heart as we attempt to extend another round of food packs and hygiene kits to another three more barangays in Saguiran that has received so little assistance since the war broke out. As member of EFAP, I am appealing to each one who can contribute at least P10,000.00 each. So far, three members have already donated P20,000.00 each. Let this be a truly EFAP Humanitarian Response Program by jointly extending our hands to our moro brothers and sisters through our donations.


Thank you very much.  God Bless us All!


In Barangay Momungan, Balo-i, Lanao del Norte, mothers were intentionally assembled in one area.


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